Where has Argos Fire installed?

Over the past five years we have grown our kitchen suppression install service significantly. Our partners have just completed a large system with five tanks for a clinic in London. We have installed in numerous hotels, including Lewtrenchard hotel in Okehampton and Bovey Castle along with two of their hotels within the range.

Bovey Castle is the biggest Kitchen suppression system install we’ve done, we put in three systems, one over the cooking range, one over the chip fryer; which is in a different section and another in a separate room where they also have cooking appliances. We advised three separate systems so the whole area didn’t get covered if it was only one section that needed to be put out. We did this installation over three nights with three people working on it, so it was fairly quick. Usually a lot of the installation is out of hours, starting at 10pm and finishing at 5/6am.