A Christmas spark

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It’s the time of year we fill our homes, offices, hotels and shops with a profusion of flammable toxifying plastics, paper boxes concealing wonderful presents all wrapped up under a dry tree ready to light your room in all the wrong ways.


Is it really that bad or are we just being ‘bah humbug’?

Each year in the UK, on average there are 3000 accidental fires throughout December. 40% of those cases started from the use of candles, 1 in 3 Christmas tree fires start with fairy lights and faulty fuses.

Decorations are not only an ignition danger but also give off harmful toxins when burning, this is a killer and can render a person unconscious on two to three breaths.

Other potential hazards over the Christmas period are extensions and socket overload, open fires, decorations, an abundance of paper and card with an extra flow of alcohol to top it off.

Making it more than sensible to get protected now.

Fire alarms must be checked and verified by an expert, this can be the difference between burning your tree and losing your entire property. Fire extinguishers are inexpensive compared to the damage done, we highly recommend getting an extra fire extinguisher to keep by the decorations or tree. Never just reassign an existing extinguisher. Your staff rely on knowing where to find it, and it is there for a reason.

Christmas maybe a time where we are either incredibly busy or kicking back and relaxing, neither of these are an excuse to neglect safety. It is crucial you are more vigilant during this dangerous period.

We have seen over the years families left with nothing and businesses closing by the New Year due to Christmas fires.

Don’t let Christmas 2017 leave you with heartbreak and tragedy. Get protected.

Fire extinguishers are affordable and the right one will make a huge difference to how you deal with a fire.  Here at Argos Fire we offer free advice, and finance to new and existing customers.

We are also on hand for your Fire Alarm needs.

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