Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression system – Insurers are now offering discounts

October 30, 2017 By In Ansul Comments Off on Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression system – Insurers are now offering discounts

Insurers are now offering discounted premiums to hoteliers, restaurateurs or operators of fast food outlets with the installation of the Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression system.

Some insurance companies have now started to require a suppression system to be fitted before your renewal.

Fire can cause a catastrophic impact on your business, leaving you with thousands of pounds worth of damage and loss of earnings. It can be traumatic for both yourself and your members of staff.

Such situations can take years to convalesce.

Over 13,000 fires were reported last year in businesses based in England. This large number resulted in 17 deaths and 892 non-fatal casualties. Evidence shows that over 30% of businesses that suffer from large fires either do not reopen, or fail within 1 year of the fire occurring, a massive 70% fail within 5 years. That is a monumental risk to take.

So how can we protect ourselves and limit the potential damage a fire can cause?

Argos fire have installed over 15 systems in the past 12 months and service over 40 businesses based in the south of England alone. These include large companies such as MacDonald’s, several NHS hospitals,  St Austell Brewery, local Universities plus other commercial kitchens. All of which now benefit financially from the Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression system being installed in their premises.

We install and maintain the system to the requirements that suit the insurer.

Any business owner that views the suppression system as an unnecessary cost has never been unfortunate enough to have a fire rip through their building and finances.

The cost of installation and maintenance are minuscule compared to prolonged closure, loss of business, turmoil for staff and business reputation from adverse publicity because of  fire damage.

The benefits not only outweigh the cost but also the safety of your staff and building.

How it works-

The Ansul system operates automatically by means of thermal links. Should a fire occur the thermal link will open and release the detection line which activates the release of the Ansulex agent through the nozzles.

The system can be operated manually by activating the pull station, this will be situated near to the escape route. Once activated the suppression system continues to discharge the Ansulex agent until the agent tanks are emptied. Each system is designed to cover the specific risk the cooking area requires. Making your appliance area a fire free zone.

The system can be connected to the main building fire alarm by means of interfacing, in order to alert personnel of an activation should the kitchen be unoccupied.

Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression system

  • Ultimate protection
  • Long term savings
  • Auto release system
  • Minimum training
  • Overlapping appliance protection to ensure a fire free zone covering various types of fryers, griddles, range tops, broilers, char-broilers
  • Easy clean
  • Vapor-securing blanket that helps prevent reflash
  • Detects and suppresses fire in ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums and auxiliary grease extraction devices.
  • All fitted and maintained by Argos fire a certificated distributor of Ansul
  • Free no obligation site survey

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