Assessing The Risks of Workplace Fires

August 26, 2013 By In News Comments Off on Assessing The Risks of Workplace Fires

Fires are just things that happen to other people, right? To other businesses. In somebody else’s workplace.

Well, in a word, no.

Fires are actually a very present hazard. Fires aren’t picky about where they strike, and they are utterly destructive. The majority of businesses don’t recover from the damage of a major fire.

At Argos Fire Protection, we believe that it’s important to be prepared for the outbreak of fire, and even more important to prevent them. Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Assess the risks

Fire risk assessments are required by law. This is fantastic, as it provokes every owner to be conscious of the hazards that are present in their property. A risk assessment is a useful tool to help prevent the outbreak of fire and highlight anything that can be changed.

2. Train your team

The law requires that every property has a responsible person that is aware of fire safety and prevention. However, other people’s ignorance can be an issue. If you’re a business owner, why not consider training more members of your organisation in basic fire safety. The more people that are aware of the risks, the more they can prevent the risks. Our training sessions even include experience in extinguishing a real live fire.

3. Make your building ready

Fire protection works in three components: passive fire prevention, active fire prevention, and fire protection. Find out more about these components in this article. Fire protection technology has become highly sophisticated, and there are many options available to protect a building in event of fire. These include portable fire extinguishers for varying types of fire, alongside fire alarm systems. Radio fire alarm systems such as Detectomat are becoming increasingly popular, as they are able to monitor themselves to highlight maintenance needs, and to show specific affected areas in event of a fire.

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