Basic fire safety training program – everything you need to know

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Basic fire safety training has 2 different course types, the online program and the classroom based practical course.

The online training course is a series of informative slides followed by a tick-box questionnaire. If completed successfully, you receive a print off certificate via email. Once completed you should have general knowledge about fires, the causes, the different types of extinguisher and the fire triangle.

The classroom-based course consists of a practical section and a theory section. The entire course is varies in time, depending on the number of people participating. During the session we cover all aspects of fire training including how fires can start, the dangers of different types of fires and how to deal with different situations, how to sound an alarm and how to conduct people off-site to the designated evacuation point.

To assist with the training we take materials such as emergency lights, evacuation lights and signs on-site so we can show and explain what they mean. We find this helps you visualise the safety information we’re giving you and how you would apply it in your own workplace. We also teach you about fire prevention and the measures you can take to ensure the risk of a fire is low.

For the practical section of the course we simulate a fire scenario by taking a mobile rig out and setting it alight. One at a time, each participant gets the opportunity to choose the correct fire extinguisher and use it to put out a fire. This put the information learnt during the theory section of the course to use. The type of fire needs to be identified and matched to the correct extinguisher. It also allows you to see how certain types of fire can be easily be prevented in different environments. This experience means when faced with a real life situation you will be more confident and knowledgeable if and when the time comes to extinguish a fire. This also allows people to learn the different types of fires there are and the different types of extinguishers to use. This is an experience not many people have had, and really boosts confidence in using fire extinguishers.

The course is then finished off with a short questionnaire, which if passed, you get awarded a fire safety certificate which is valid for 12 months. 


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