EMS hybrid radio fire alarm system installed at historic building in Devon

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Argos Fire have sucessfully installed a hybrid radio fire alarm system in a well-known historic building in Dawlish, Devon.

Historic building Devon

The brief was to install a complete new fire alarm system to BS5839-1 category L2.  The building has some areas of historic interest where the installation of cabling would not be appropriate.  For this reason a radio fire alarm system was initially requested by the customer.

When we conducted a survey of the premises, it became apparent that some areas were not historically sensitive and could be cabled.  Also, the top floor of the building has a roof void above whcih can be used to run wiring.  Argos Fire Protection Ltd therefore specified a mixed hybrid radio fire alarm system – allowing a mix of wired and wire-free devices to be used on the same fire alarm system.  This provided a cost saving over a totally radio system, and allowed for greater flexibility during installation and in use.

The FireCell radio fire alarm system from EMS was specified because of it’s compatibility with industry standard Apollo wired devices, as well as it’s proven track record and flexibility.  The radio and hard-wired elements operate seamlessly together on the same control panel, and are indistguishable in day to day use.  All parts of the system are fully certified to all relevant British and European Standards.

EMS firecell radio fire alarm system

Argos Fire Protection Ltd attended the site in Dawlish, Devon over a period of three days and fitted the new system.  This work involved installing a new mains supply to the fire control panel, fitting the EMS radio hub, two EMS radio cluster communicators, and a number of radio detectors.  A separate wiring loop was installed to connect the hard-wired devices, and XP95 detectors from Apollo were used.  Radio callpoints were used throughout the building, to avoid visible cabling on the walls.

Once the new system was complete and passed its soak-test, Argos Fire also removed the old system ready for the redecoration scheduled by the customer.

The installation went as planned, and was completed on time and on budget – despite some travel issues experienced due to the extensive flooding affecting Dawlish and Exeter at the time.

For more information on radio fire alarm systems please see our wirefree page, or use our contact form.

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