Fire Alarms – Different types and what they cover

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Fire safety legislation in the UK is confusing with many contradictions and grey areas, so how do we know we have got it right?

With many damaging stories of landlords facing prison and restaurants being shut down for neglecting safety laws, it has turned all legislations from safety protocol to personal protection.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 was designed to simplify existing legal requirements, however it has still not made it an easy road for business owners. We at Argos fire are here to clear the path and take over your safety equipment responsibilities.

With a large service and product catalog, we cover everything your business needs. From fire alarms, kitchen suppression systems and dry risers to training, risk assessments and design.

This week we are covering fire alarms, offering first time and existing customers finance with orders placed over £1,000, A free site survey and maintenance assessment.

Even if you already have an alarm system in place we can test, maintain and advise.

We offer three types of alarm which suit small and large buildings, this includes..


The simplest form of fire alarm system.  Available in 2-wire or 4-wire formats, this system is best for smaller premises with a standard layout.  Devices are grouped into ‘zones’ and the system indicates the zone of origin.



Available in various formats including ‘analogue addressable’ and ‘distributed intelligence’.  In the past only used for large buildings, intelligent fire alarm systems are now becoming cost effective even for smaller premises, and are gradually replacing conventional types.  All devices are connected to one or more wiring loops, and each device reports individually to the panel, so the system can indicate the individual device causing the alarm.  Intelligent systems have many other benefits, including simplified installation, increased flexibility and event history recording.


Radio / Wireless

One of the main benefits of radio fire alarm systems is that they reduce the need to run cables to each individual device.  This means that they are ideally suited to listed buildings, temporary installations, building sites, and areas where asbestos is a problem.  See our wirefree page for more information.


Another benefit of radio fire alarm systems is the reduced installation times, which drastically reduces the down-time for each area of the building.  This can make radio fire alarm systems more cost effective, especially in the tourism sector; i.e. a hotel will not have to lose revenue by closing rooms or floors while the installation of a fire alarm system is taking place.


All Radio Fire Alarm Systems now use their own dedicated communication frequency, and as a result are totally reliable.  Most wireless alarm systems are now indistinguishable from their hard-wired equivalents in day to day usage.

We can test and maintain existing systems, whatever your fire alarm requirements, we can help you today. Call us for a free site survey on 0800 378676 or leave your details on our website and a member of our team will be in touch.

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