Fire Doors – Would Yours Fail in the Event of a Fire?

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Fire doors… in the UK they’re a legal requirement for many public premises and businesses and each and every year there are 3 million new fire doors purchased and installed. So commonplace are they that you likely walk through them without even considering the life-saving role they could one day play.

As we are in Fire Door Safety Week, which runs from the 25th of September to the 1st October, it might be a good time to commit 10 minutes to appreciating the difference a fire door can make if, and only if, it is installed properly by a qualified professional.

Installation – It’s Every Bit as Important as The Quality of the Door Itself

Looks can be deceiving, and when we’re talking about fire doors, they can also be deadly. As you’re about to see, whilst a fire door may seem as though it’s properly fitted, the reality could be very different. This video drives home how the performance of a fire door can be severely affected by anything less than completely correct specification and installation.

Faulty Fire Doors: Are you amongst the 61%?

Is your premises amongst the majority when it comes to simple but serious fire door faults? Research by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme paints a stark picture as to just how many businesses are under the impression that their fire doors would perform should fire strike, when in actuality they may prove as ineffective at stopping fire as a traditional door.

Of 677 inspected fire doors in the FDIS study…

  •   61% had fire or smoke seals either missing, installed incorrectly or not filling perimeter gaps correctly.
  •   More than a third had incorrect signage.
  •   230 (34%) had excessive gaps between the door and its frame (i.e. over 3mm).
  •   15% had clear damage to the door leaf.
  •   1 in 5 had unsuitable hinges.

We’ve seen the effects, first hand, of properly installed fire doors and how they can provide life-saving time for the evacuees of a fire. We understand, from experience, just how critical proper fitting is to the performance of a fire door.

Whether you need advice and guidance for your current fire doors, or are considering investing in an upgrade, we’re here – ready when you are. Explore our Fire Door services, or get in touch to speak with the team.

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