Fire safety training – the right way!

September 14, 2016 By In Fire Safety Comments Off on Fire safety training – the right way!

We offer basic fire safety awareness training and fire warden/marshal training. There are two types of basic fire training programs, an online course and a classroom-based practical course. We only offer the fire warden/marshal program as a classroom-based practical course. The online course is completed by reading through the content provided and completing a questionnaire after. The practical courses include the theory side of training but we also demonstrate how to use fire protection and prevention equipment and give you the chance to use it for yourself.

We like to keep our courses exciting and memorable. By compacting the training down and restructuring it, we deliver a course that is very efficient and informative without coming across boring. We’re flexible with our clients requirements and we try to adapt each training session to what the client requires, whether that be a one off training session on site or a series of training sessions throughout the day. We understand that each business will have different procedures and fire plans.

At the end of all training programs you have to complete a short theory questionnaire, this is so we know the information we’ve given you has been retained. To pass the theory test you have to score 50% or over, you are then issued with a certificate which is valid for 12 months.

The certificates issued are recognised as a standard in the industry and should be entered into the fire logbook. All businesses, no matter what size, should have a fire log book, including any visits from the fire brigade, fire training, the fire alarms and extinguishers on-site.

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