Fire Warden/Marshall fire safety course – what you need to know.

September 28, 2016 By In Fire Safety Comments Off on Fire Warden/Marshall fire safety course – what you need to know.

Fire Warden/Marshall training is the next stage on from basic fire training. Our Fire warden/marshall course is an intensive day long session and includes a practical and theory section, followed by a questionnaire.

The program includes the basic classroom based practical course as well as extra training and information on the responsibilities and duties of a fire warden or marshall. During the basic fire training we cover all aspects of fire prevention, awareness and safety.

The focus of the fire warden/marshall section is on the responsibilities you will have in the event of a fire, such as ensuring everyone is following the correct evacuation procedures. As a fire warden or marshall you will be conducting people offsite in an appropriate and safe manner, as well as being in charge of the fire evacuation procedure and any fire preventative procedures that operate at your workplace.

This program provides you with extensive knowledge of fire safety awareness and procedures as well as basic fire training and the opportunity to put out a fire and gain experience in identifying fire types and the appropriate fire extinguishers to use in different scenarios.

Our courses are informative and hands-on, which keeps the knowledge you learn realistic and relatable. Past events are used as examples and scenarios which we evaluate and discuss to establish an understanding of real life situations which could be prevented. We are currently running this course twice a year or you can book to have a private course on your own premises.

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