Keep your Children Safe from Fire

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Did you know that fire is one of main causes of death and injury among children?

From a very young age, children are fascinated by fire and drawn to its warmth and light. Obviously, this strong attraction can prove extremely dangerous

Here are some ways that you can help your child have an increased awareness of fire risk.

Be Firm

‘Hot!’ is one of the first words children should understand. Teach children from the youngest possible age what they can and can’t touch and as soon as they’re old enough to understand, explain the reason why certain things are dangerous.

Fire-proof your Home

Some things are obvious: child-proof fire guards are a must! When you’re cooking, keep saucepan handles facing inwards and never leave children unsupervised in the kitchen. Keep things like matches, lighters and candles safely out of reach.

Don’t Forget Electrics!

Switch off electrical appliances when they’re not in use, and make sure young children know not to stick anything (including fingers) in plug sockets. Keep portable heaters out of reach.

Give Fire Instructions

As soon as children are old enough, they should know what to do if there’s a fire. Teach them to tell a grown up and raise the alarm as soon as they see smoke or flames. They should then get out of a building as quickly as possible, not going back to get anything. If the exit is blocked, they should close themselves in go a room, block the bottom of the door with towels or bedding, open the window and shout for help. Once they’ve escaped, they should call 999.

Teach an Escape Route

Children should know how to get out the house in case of a fire. Plan an escape route, and make sure kids- and anyone else who regularly visits- knows about it. Remember to keep all exits clear from clutter.

Educate through Play

Fire safety is serious, but it needn’t be dull. There are a host of free fire safety resources for children provided by local fire services, many of them available online. These teach children through interactive games, quizzes and activities, so children really engage with what they’re learning about.

One of the best is Kid Zone from Hampshire Fire & Rescue, available here.

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