Keep It Clear: Simple Steps to Improve Fire Safety

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Fire Safety doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. There is an incredible history of research and advancements in technology which provided modern fire safety, but here are some simple ways to improve the fire safety of your property. All of which start with three simple words ‘Keep it clear’.

Safety Signs

Having clear, appropriate safety signage in your building allows everyone to know what to do and how to get out in case of an emergency. Keeping signed areas uncluttered is a vital factor in this; if a safety sign is hidden, it will be no good! Our engineers are specifically trained in planning and fitting safety signage.

Emergency Lighting

When the power goes out, emergency lighting is paramount in ‘keeping it clear’. Emergency lighting is fitted at strategic points in a building to allow the inhabitants to safely move around, seeing exactly where they’re going. There are systems now available that test themselves, making them highly reliable.

Training Your Team

Fire safety training is not just fun (on our training days you get to practice extinguishing a real fire!). It is also a great way to make sure everyone in your team has the same basic understanding of fire safety, and clear about what to do if a fire breaks out in your building.

Upgrading Hardware

Advancements in technology have allowed active fire protection materials to become very sophisticated. There are many options for updating the hardware on a property – from basic testing and maintenance, to installing a wire free fire alarm system that highlights where in the building the fire has broken out. Another option is BT Redcare, which contacts the fire brigade directly in event of a fire.

Smoke Extraction

When inhaled, smoke can be lethal. It also makes it very difficult to move around, coupled with the panic that some people can get into in a fire. Smoke extraction systems are particularly important in places where fire is more likely, or where smoke is regularly produced, for example in kitchens.

Fire Doors

Finally, what better way to keep the way clear, than to have properly installed fire doors. Fire doors stop the spread of a fire, but are always kept unlocked to allow inhabitants to move away from the fire and get out of the building.

Do you have any other tips on how to ‘Keep it Clear’ and improve fire safety?

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