What is the RRO 2005 fire safety order?

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The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (RRO) is the main law within the Fire Safety Law, it came into force on 1st October 2006. Businesses across England and Wales have to comply with the fire safety law and if you are the owner or manager it is your responsibility to ensure your workplace adheres to the required standards of fire safety and all employees are trained in fire safety.

The RRO applies to all public and business buildings but not to private properties. Acceptable fire training should include an introduction to fire awareness, regular refresher training on what to do in the case of a fire and training on specific fire safety duties. In the event of any changes to the business or building which results in the level of fire risk increasing, refresher training should also be issued.

Risk reduction and fire prevention are a priority of the Fire Safety Order. If you are someone who has control over any part of a commercial building, you need to complete a detailed fire risk assessment. This should establish any potential hazards or risks within the premises. If the total number of employees is five or more, the risk assessment must be recorded.

If you are responsible for part or all of  the premises you are also required to: Specifically consider who may be at risk, fire risk reduction or elimination at a practical level and provide precautions for any risk, where flammable or explosive materials are stored take additional measures to ensure fire safety, make a plan to deal with emergencies and record any findings, maintenance of general fire precautions and any available facilities provided for firefighters, any findings from the risk assessment must be kept and under review.

Fire certificates are no longer valid and therefore aren’t issued anymore, although for a starting point for your fire risk assessment a recent fire certificate can be used.

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