Why Cheap isn’t Cost Effective

August 12, 2013 By In News Comments Off on Why Cheap isn’t Cost Effective

There are some things that make sense to buy cheaply. Personally, I wouldn’t fork out for deluxe disposable napkins, gold-plated paperclips, designer socks, or a lot of other necessary things that I could get cheaper. But when it comes to fire safety, buying the cheaper option isn’t always cost effective, or sensible.

It may seem a cost-saving option to buy a fire extinguisher online, or get a friend to install your new fire doors, but cutting corners could mean that you’re not complying with the law, and not meeting insurance requirements. Just ‘having’ the best equipment, like a radio fire alarm, in your workplace doesn’t mean you’re protected. Other steps need to be put in place.

Need some persuading? Here are some things to look out for when considering costs in fire safety:

British Standards

The British Standards code is a system of rules that maintain and promote health and safety standards in the UK. They cover everything from soft furnishings, to the safety of children’s toys, and of course, fire protection. Every single item of fire protection equipment has to be British Standards certified, including fire extinguishers, to ensure that it works properly to protect people from fire. Find out more about British Standards for fire safety in this article.


It’s worth looking into the background of the company that is installing your fire safety equipment. Installing fire doors is a good example here. The fire door may be British Standards approved, but did you know that it needs to be installed by a qualified person who can certify the door frame and fitting to ensure it really will be fire proof? At Argos Fire, our qualified staff are regularly being trained to be up to date in the latest details on fire safety. We are also monitored by BAFE and IFEDA, external bodies that monitor fire protection companies.


Commissioning is a vital step in fitting fire protection and suppression systems. Once any piece of equipment has been put into a building, it needs to be commissioned for use. This doesn’t just mean switching on a fire alarm system. It’s actually an in-depth process where the equipment is tested in compliance with British Standards and tested to ensure that it will be reliable in operation. This is a key step that you don’t want to miss out – Argos Fire Protection will commission fire safety equipment that has already been installed or purchased -we’re happy to help!

Certification & Maintenance

Alongside the installation and maintenance of fire safety equipment, the certification and paperwork needs to be up-to-date. This will help you know what needs maintenance when, and also prove that your equipment is safe to your insurance company and any other governing bodies.

To Summarise:

  • Make sure you’re using British Standards approved equipment.
  • Keep records and maintenance up to date.
  • Get a fully trained technician to install and commission your fire safety equipment.
  • Argos Fire provides an end-to-end fire safety service – we cover all of the above!
  • Paying more for commissioning, maintenance, certification and BS approved equipment will save you in the long run!

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