EMS System 5000 Support

System 5000 Support

EMS System5000Following the introduction of CPR 305/2011 in July 2013, the manufacturer EMS was required to put System 5000 into “End of Sale” which effectively means they (and we) are unable to supply new systems or products to extend existing systems.  They do however fully support System 5000, and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Argos Fire are able to supply replacement parts on a “like for like” basis, and we also provide a repair service dependant on the particular product.

In the event that additions to a system are necessary we can now supply a Wireless Zone Monitor (WZM) that allows FireCell EN54-25 compliant devices to be added – each WZM supports up to 30 devices of any mix – including detectors, call points, sounders as well as EN54-23 Visual Alarm Devices or “VAD’s”.

The WZM is also an ideal route for planned migration to the FireCell platform. Using WZM’s to change devices over a period of time can assist in a programmed upgrade over any period.

Please contact us for full details on any of the above information.

We remain fully committed to supporting customers who have invested in System 5000.  Click here for a formal CPR statement from EMS.