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What is Ansul?

Ansul is a brand name of kitchen suppression systems manufactured by Tyco, the largest fire protection company in the world.  It encompasses several different systems, the most common of which in the UK is the R-102 Restaurant System.  This a bit like a sprinkler system for commercial cooking ranges, with a special liquid extinguishing agent which works on burning fat.  There is a reservoir tank of liquid agent, connected to a number of distribution nozzles by small-bore pipework.  Heat sensors activate the system when the temperature above the appliance reaches a dangerous level (which can only have been caused by a real fire).  Ansul isn’t just for fryers – it can protect all cooking appliances, as well as the extraction system.  Ansul systems protect countless commercial kitchens and are now specified as an insurance requirement.

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The system suppresses fire by spraying the plenum area, the filters, cooking surfaces and the exhaust duct system with a pre-determined flow rate of Ansulex Low pH liquid fire suppressant. When the liquid agent is discharged onto a cooking appliance fire, it cools the grease surface and reacts with the hot grease forming a layer of soap-like foam on the surface of the fat. This layer acts as insulation between the hot grease and the atmosphere, thus helping to prevent the escape of combustable vapours.

R-102 Restaurant System

The R-102 system is designed to protect all areas associated with cooking, fume extraction and grease extraction. This includes hoods, ducts, plenums, filters, fryers, griddles, range tops, broilers, char-broilers, woks and more. The system is ideally suited for commercial kitchens in all types of premises, including fast food chains, retail food courts, cafes, care homes, catering facilities, mobile food outlets, ships, hotels, casinos, stadiums, schools and hospitals.

The R-102 system is cooking equipment friendly and offered in two designs: Appliance-Specific and Overlapping. The appliance-specific design aims the nozzles at the specific hazard areas of each appliance. With the overlapping design, the nozzles are arranged to overlap and provide a “fire-free zone” throughout a group of appliances.

As an authorised distributor we offer installation, servicing, repair and upgrading of all Ansul kitchen suppression systems.  Ansul products protect more food service kitchens from fire than any other brand.  Argos Fire Protection is an authorised distributor covering the whole of the UK and are the sole agent for Ansul in the South West. We can design, install, maintain and service all Ansul systems.

We install and maintain Ansul systems for some of the largest restaurant chains in the country, including Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonalds and Little Chef.  We also work in countless hospitals, universities, hotels, restaurants and other commercial kitchens. Why not find out how we can help you – contact us for more information or a free survey.

Did you know?

If your kitchen uses commercial deep fat frying equipment then a fixed fire suppression system is essential.  Any cooking area over 0.4sqm requires a fixed suppression system rather than a portable liquid fire extinguisher. This is because a portable liquid fire extinguisher can cover up to 0.4sqm area, but above that it is recommended to avoid multiple small extinguishers, which may not do the job of extinguishment, so a fixed suppression system is the solution. Fire blankets, dry powder, wet chemical or CO2 extinguishers cannot extinguish burning fat in any significant quantity.  Watch the video at the bottom of the page for proof!  The video shows the difference between using a fire blanket and portable extinguishers versus having a fixed supression system fitted.  As you watch it remember: this could happen in your kitchen, to you or your staff.

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If the video fails to load watch it on YouTube here.