What is a Kitchen Suppression System?

A kitchen suppression system is a permanent, fixed suppression system that covers cooking appliances. Over 0.4sqm you need a fixed suppression system rather than a portable liquid fire extinguisher. This is because a portable liquid fire extinguisher is enough to cover up to 0.4sqm area, but above that it is recommended to avoid multiple small extinguishers, which may not do the job of extinguishment, so a fixed suppression system is the solution. This operates either by automatic thermal detection or manually, by the emergency lever being pulled.

The suppression systems have discharge pipe-work throughout the hood and the extractor. If the fire progresses beyond the discharge heads and catches a vent a light due to grease in the vents, the grease will ignite and the fire will then spread up the extract. Suppression puts out the flame within the extract to stop it spreading further.

The suppression system discharges Ansulex, which is a type of foam product. It is similar to foam but denser; it encapsulates the flame and suffocates the cooking area, to extinguish the fire. Unlike light foam that can burn off, this is thicker and will sit there and absorb the heat from the flames, which will then burn them out. As the suppressor discharges Ansulex, there is no requirement for the suppression to be connected to the mains water of the building.

The Ansulex agent is stored in tanks, which are usually mounted on the walls within or adjacent to the kitchen area. The tanks are similar to large fire extinguishers, and the larger the kitchen, the more tanks you will require.

There are insurance implications to consider which make a fire suppression system advantageous to your business.

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