Emergency Lighting

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Argos Fire Protection Ltd specialise in designing emergency lighting systems sympathetic to their surroundings. We offer modern stylish emergency fittings that can be a feature of any design. We can supply intelligent lighting that tests itself. We can even fit standby battery systems to convert your existing lighting (ideal for chandeliers and listed buildings). Whatever your requirements, we can help. Use the form on the right to contact us for friendly impartial advice. Argos Fire Protection Ltd are experts in the design, installation, maintenance and commissioning of all types of emergency lighting systems to relevant standards, including BS5266-1.  Below are just some of the different types of emergency lighting available.

bulkhead emergency lighting

Bulkhead LED Emergency Lighting

The most common type of emergency lighting. These are available in a variety of sizes and types, the most common being 8-watt equivalent and 28-watt equivalent.

led emergency lighting

Architectural Emergency Lighting

A more sophisticated version of the bulkhead. These are much more aesthetically pleasing and come in an almost limitless variety. Whatever your requirements, we can help. Use the form on the right to request a brochure.

firescape logoFIREscape components

Intelligent Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting that tests itself! We are distributors for the UK’s first fully intelligent emergency lighting system, FIREscape from Hochiki. FIREscape is a unique, highly cost effective and environmentally friendly emergency lighting system based on LED technology. FIREscape is an intelligent emergency light system, with a control panel that constantly monitors the condition of the luminaires and regularly performs the periodical testing required by legislation. FIREscape provides a significant saving over more traditional emergency lighting systems. For a typical system using 100 units, FIREscape works out to be 65% cheaper over a ten year period (including capital expenditure, energy use, battery and lamp replacements, and labour costs). Use the form on the right to contact us for more information or to request data sheets.

Central battery / inverter systems

emergency inverter packThis type of emergency lighting has all the batteries centrally located, with light units distributed throughout the building. These lights can either be specific to the emergency system, or by using an inverter the central batteries can operate some or all of the existing lights.

Whatever your emergency lighting requirements, we can help. Use the form on the right to contact us to arrange a free survey.