Infinity ID2 Addressable Fire Alarm

We introduce the most advanced 2 wire system on the market, the Infinity ID2 from Zeta Alarms.

The Infinity ID2 fire alarm system gives all of the benefits associated with a ‘2 Wire’ installation (less cable, quicker installation, cost savings) but also has the facility to individually identify each device.  Download datasheet.

Fully addressable fire alarm = same cost as basic twin-wire fire alarm!

The Infinity ID2 system is built on the proven communication protocol developed by Zeta and shares the same platform as Zeta’s largest, most powerful system.

Infinity ID2The Infinity ID2 can be used for new installations, as a retro-fit for any conventional system, or as a replacement for existing 2 wire systems when the extra features are required. This is possible because the Infinity ID2 devices can sit on radial circuits or a loop, thus making it easy to upgrade almost any system without the need to re-wire.

All detectors come with both a sounder and an LED flasher fitted in the base as standard.  This makes the Infinity ID2 system the only one available today with a sounder and flasher with every detector, improving the audibility and visual identification of an alarm.  (These can easily be switched off if not required).

It will work on existing conventional zone wiring circuits, or 2-wire circuits, or a loop circuit.

Each smoke detector can be simply programmed to verify an alarm before a full evacuation. This gives the benefit of being able to operate an individual detector’s sounder/ flasher base and have a time period to clear the smoke/verify the alarm. This makes the Infinity ID2 perfect for HMO installations.

Every detector has a sounder and flashing beacon built into the base as standard.

Since every device is monitored constantly and communicates with the panel at a maximum interval of 4 seconds, any malfunction in any device will be reported by the panel. This of course will include the exact location of the device.

The Infinity ID2 includes a 2048 event history log that stores all alarm, fault and system events.

Additional Features of the Infinity ID2 system:
  • One man walk test facility
  • Ability to isolate zones/sounder circuits
  • Ability to find/highlight an individual detector or a whole zone
  • High visibility blue LCD screen as standard
  • Deeper version panel available if larger batteries required
  • Full range of zone powered devices available
  • Auto configuration for easy set up
  • Safer than a traditional 2 wire/ conventional system – tells you exactly where the event is – no time wasted
  • System already wired as a loop? No problem! Just select ‘Loop Mode’ in the panel

The Infinity ID2 fire alarm system has been designed to meet the full requirements of BSEN5839 part 1 and BSEN5839 part 6. The control panel has been designed to meet EN54 part 2 and EN54 part 4.

Download datasheet.

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