Site Fire Alarms

Building Site Fire Alarms

Site fire alarmsAll building sites need temporary fire alarms to protect workers, and timber framed building sites now need smoke detection throughout.

Argos Fire Protection Ltd can supply and install a range of site fire alarms designed specifically for temporary building sites.

Comprising of manual call points with in-built  sounders, these units can be interconnected by cable or wirelessly, and can be linked to a control panel in the site office for full control.  They can also link to other equipment, including a remote dialler to report fires from unoccupied sites.

Smoke detectors can also be added to the system for high risk or timber framed sites.  More information about the requirements for site fire alarms can be found in HSG168 – Fire Safety in Construction.

 Wired Site Fire Alarms

On simpler sites it may be possible to run cabling between the call points.  The units connect in a simple ‘daisy chain’, and do not need a panel – although one can be added if required.  The devices are battery powered and use the interlinking cable to communicate alarms around the site.

Wireless Site Fire Alarms

site fire alarmsThe easiest and simplest system is the wireless or radio site fire alarm.  A control panel is placed in a secure location (normally the site office) and the call points, sounders and smoke detectors are placed around the site.  They can be moved as required without causing any problems.  The radio signal is dynamic and up to ten units can act as radio repeaters – so the signal can redirect to suit the location.

The callpoint/sounders and smoke detectors are all supplied on metal mounting plates, so they can be relocated if necessary without disturbing the devices.

The system is supplied fully set up and configured – each device has a unique number which is displayed on the control panel during an alarm or fault.

All units, including the control panel, are battery powered using widely available ‘D’ Cell, PP3 and PP9 batteries.  Battery status is monitored and any faults reported to the control panel.

If you want a comprehensive yet simple, intuitive, reliable site fire alarm then contact us today for more information or a quote.