Fire Risk Assessments

What The Law Says About Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect in 2006 for England, Scotland and Wales (and 2008 for Northern Ireland). It applies to every workplace unless that workplace is at home, offshore, in a field, in the air or down a borehole.

The Order says that the ‘Responsible Person’ has to undertake or commission a Fire Risk Assessment, and if your organisation employs five or more people, you have to record the findings of your assessment. It is very hard to prove that you have undertaken a thorough risk assessment in your head, so in practice it will always be necessary to record your findings.

A Responsible Person is defined by the legislation as nearly always being the employer, where there is one, though it can include other individuals too. If you share a building with other organisations, the responsibility may be shared among several people. If you have responsibility for the other people in your organisation, it is safe to assume you will be the Responsible Person, even if others are too.

As well as the danger element and risk to life from fires, over 70% of businesses involved in major fires either don’t reopen or fail within three years. That’s a sobering thought. A fire is clearly a very difficult thing to recover from and something your business will definitely be a lot healthier without.

We all have to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment because of the law, but it is actually just giving a structure to what we should all be doing anyway in the best interests of our businesses, and prevention is of course better than cure.

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