Fire Spotting CCTV Fire Camera System

F-Cam Fire Camera

Argos Fire Protection Ltd offer a range of F-Cam Fire Cameras from Spotfire Ltd which can be linked directly to fire alarm panels and/or used with a central F-DVR and control suite.  They can also be used as part of a remotely monitored CCTV system.

spotfire chemical compoundAble to work both inside and out, these cameras offer a real alternative to traditional large area detection (beam detectors in warehouses etc.) as well as providing a totally new way to detect fire in external areas.

The F-Cam Fire Spotting CCTV Camera is ideal for use in Factories, Recycling Plants, Commercial Laundries, Transport Depots, Oil Refineries, Warehouses, Building Sites, Marinas, plus numerous other applications.  The F-Cam is now being specified by insurance companies for these types of risk – many in which fire detection has previously been impossible.

The F-Cam Fire Camera can detect a small flaming fire at up to 100 metres distance, as well as providing large area coverage from a single point.  The cameras can detect smoke as well as flame, and can be set up to match the particular environment.  The F-Cam can detect most fires within 4-20 seconds, which is potentially significantly quicker than the response from traditional large area detection systems – especially where there are high ceilings.  Long before the smoke has reached the ceiling and formed a plume dense enough to trigger an optical beam detector, the F-Cam has raised the alarm – saving lives, saving property and saving money.

The F-Cam flame detection is immune to false alarms from ovens, sunlight, hot processes etc – it needs a live flickering flame to generate an alarm.  The smoke detection module can be tuned for each individual environment to help eliminate false alarms from dust, fog and mist, and has market-leading pseudo-steam rejection.  Unlike optical beam detectors, the F-Cam is immune from items blocking the beam (birds, bats, fork-lifts, racking etc).

F-DVR Controller

As well as providing a live CCTV camera feed, each fire camera can trigger a fire alarm panel via volt-free contacts (using an I/O module), or if used with the F-DVR Digital Recorder / Controller, can also trigger a centralised alarm – as well as showing a visual indication of the detected phenomena on a suitable display screen.  As well as providing early detection of fires to minimise damage and risk, recorded footage of a fire starting is invaluable after any fire event – to establish the cause and prevent recurrence.

Each fire camera can cover the same area as numerous beam detectors – or countless point detectors – and can be used in hostile enviroments as well as outdoors.

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